A great team effort by our 42 swimmers placed us:

1st in the Men’s Team score (960 pts) winning the Napthine Shield

2nd in the Women’s Team score (582 pts) and

2nd Combined Team Scores (1,546 pts).


Major Point Scorers were:

Laszalo Fabricius earned 192 points to finish first male and Dylan Logan fifth on 110 points. Zach Hussain 95 points and Jamie Ifka 92 points were also significant contributors

Madison Cooper 174 points for second female and Nicole Briscoe 86 points for eleventh position. Madi also broke three event records for the 200 Bk (2:21.54), the 400IM (5:08.10) and the 200IM (2:25.81).

Other Multi-Class swimmers were also major point scorers – Brad Doolan 76, Ryan McGrane 70, Phoebe Mitchell 48 points had the most.

The club was really amongst the finals this year with 24 individual finals on Day 1, 35 on Day 2 and 22 on Day 3. The team won 39 individual medals including 17 Gold, 10 Silver and 12 Bronze.

The Club also entered relays that swam in straight finals for 2 Gold, 6 Silver and 1 Bronze medals. This was a big improvement on last year. It is a very good indication of the depth within the Club and the important contribution of all swimmers

Australian Age QT’s were swum by Nicole Biscoe in the 200IM and Madison Cooper in the 100BRS


Individual medallists were:

Gold (19)

Laszalo Fabricius        100FLY, 400FS, 200FLY, 200IM, 200FS

Madison Cooper          200BKS(Event Record), 400IM (ER), 200IM (ER),

Jamie Ifka                     50 FLY

Dylan Logan                 50BKS, 50FS, 50BRS, 50FLY, 200IM

Max Piroch                   100BKS

Zac McInnes                100 BKS

Hayley McKinder        50 BRS

F14/ U Medley             Madison, Olivia, Nicole, Zoe

M400 FS                       Jamie, Max, Zach, Laszalo


Silver (14)

Madison                        O100BKS

Laszalo Fabricius        200BKS, 100BKS

Jamie Ifka                     100FS

Ryan McGrane             50BRS

Matilda Byrnes             50 BKS

Nicole Briscoe              200IM, 100FS

Brad Doolan                 200IM

Zach Hussain               200IM

M17+ 200 FS Relay    Jamie, Lasz, Max Zach

M17+200 Medley         Zach, Cam Jamie Lasz

MO+ 400 Medley         Zach, Cam Jamie Lasz

F Open 400 Medley     Madi, Sophie, NicoleB, NicoleF

F14/U 200Free             Madi, NicoleB, Zoe, Olivia

F Open 400Free           Madi, NicoleB, Zoe, NicoleF


Bronze (13 Bronze)

Madison                        O 400FS, 100FS, O200FS

Laszalo Fabricius        50FS, 50BKS

Jamie Ifka                     100FLY

Ryan McGrane              50FLY, 200IM

Matilda Byrnes             50FS

Nicole Briscoe               100FLY

Brad Doolan                  50BRS, 50 BKS

F12/U 200 Medley        Brooke, Hayley, Matilda, Kyana


MORE CARDS – Lucky tells me there were 84 individual PB’s over the weekend so he is very busy.

A big thank you to Lucky and Sadat for their tireless efforts and expertise over the weekend during the sometimes very difficult conditions. The heat, bubbles in the pool and lightning did not make it easy to prepare swimmers to race.

I would also like to acknowledge the work of Megan and Martine in selecting and managing the relays.

Thank you also to the parents for your help and understanding during the meet.

It was my last one but a good one!!!

Head Coach

John Beckworth


PS Please notify me immediately if there are any omissions or errors in this summary