2019 Victorian Age Swimming Championships December 7-11 at MSAC

The Club had a strong contingent of 19 swimmers and 11 relays.

The Club finished 18th Victorian Club in the Team Aggregate with the Girls team strong contributors on 156 points

The medalists included:
Madison Cooper. Gold in the 400IM, Silver in the 800 FS, and Bronze for the 400FS;1500FS & 200BKS Madison swam in 10 finals out of 11 events

Bronze Medals: Max Piroch (100FLY), Dibs Fitzgerald (1500FS) & Luka Mathe(100FS)

Other finalists were:
Nicole Briscoe (3), Zac McInnes (1), Luka Mathe (1), Tyler Dale-Smith (2) & Olivia Platt (1).

The PB count was very impressive considering the event and the outdoor conditions

Sophie Blackford. 100 & 200 BRS
Nicole Briscoe. 100FS, 200FSx2, 400IM,
Madison Cooper. 50, 200,400×2 & 800FS, 100BKS, 200BKS, 400IM
Tyler Dale-Smith. 100 & 200 BRS, 100BKS, 200IM
Dibs Fitzgerald. 800 & 1500Fs
Nicole Forastieri. 50, 100 & 200FS
Drew Green. 400FS
Grace Harris. 100 & 200FS
Zoe Jennings. 50FS & 800FS, 200BKS
Luca Mathe. 50FS, 100FSx2 & 200FS
Zac McInnes. 100BKSx2, 200BKS, 100FLY, 100FS
Max Piroch. 50BKS
Olivia Platt. 200BKS
Kai Pavlicevic. 100FS
Angus Skeen. 100, 200 & 400FS
Archie Vernon. 50, 100 & 200FS
Byron Ward. 800FS

The Club fielded 11 relays at the Victorian Age Championships. Team Manager, Martine Cooper did a great job organizing their participation and getting them to marshal on time. Virtually all relays improved their entry times.

The smiles tell the story.

National squad swimmers that have already qualified for the 2019 Australian Age Championships in Adelaide in April.

Madison Cooper 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500FS, 100 &
200BKS, 200 & 400IM.
Nicole Briscoe 200BKS, 200FS & 400IM
Olivia Platt. 200BRS
Luka Mathe. 100FS (her 2nd)
Max Piroch. 100FLY (18/19 years at the AusOpen)

Several other swimmers are getting closer after their efforts at States.

In the process several Club records were broken ( to be confirmed)
Madison Cooper. 400FS, 800FS, 400IM, 200FS, 100BKS, 200BKS
Max Piroch. 100FLY

This is a credit to the swimmers commitment and application to the programs that I set leading up to States

A big thanks to Lucky, Martine and Karen for their assistance during the Championships.

Head Coach
John Beckworth