The Geelong Swimming Club has a long and proud history, and is well over 100 years old. We first began as The Geelong Western Swimming Club which was formed on December 7th, 1882. 

The Victorian Amateur Swimming Association (V.A.S.A.), prior to the formation of Swimming Victoria Inc. was formed in 1893 and the Geelong Western Swimming Club affiliated with it, in the 1895/96 season. In 1932 Geelong, Meredith, Geelong Western, Parkside and St. Helens Clubs affiliated, and formed the Geelong and District Amateur Swimming Association. 

Ladies were first admitted in 1929, but they broke away and formed the Geelong Western Ladies Swimming Club. In 1959 they returned to the Men’s club, but retained their own identity as the Ladies section with their own Secretary, Treasurer and Committee. There was full amalgamation in May 1966. 

In 1970 the Geelong Western club changed its name to the Geelong Swimming Club (the old Geelong Club had ceased existence in 1937) and established its headquarters at the Geelong & District Memorial Swimming Centre (Kardinia Pool). In 1984 the Club became an incorporated body – The Geelong Swimming Club Inc. 

The Geelong Swimming Club fosters and promotes Involvement, Opportunity, Excellence and Enjoyment and demonstrates this through our actions. We cater for all levels of competitive swimming and aim to provide a healthy fun environment for all swimmers to thrive in the sport of competitive swimming. We provide monthly Club Nights (JP Flynn Series) and have plenty of fun activities throughout the year to foster a great club spirit.