Committee Members and Roles

A Committee, that volunteer their time in the best interest of all members, runs Geelong Swimming Club. Parents new and old are welcome to join the Committee or participate in the various roles necessary to run this very successful Club. Any assistance is appreciated. Please to not hesitate to approach any of the Committee members below. For any information or enquiries please contact

President –Glenn Benson

Vice President – Jack Briscoe

Secretary – Lisa Beckley

Treasurer – Karen Briscoe

Registration Secretary – Jane Skeen

Fees / Accounts – Kerrie Blackford  (squads) and Jane Skeen (Development Squad)

Club Uniforms – Lisa Beckley and Sara Brennan

Newsletter & Communications – Team Liaison Officers for each individual Squad

Webmaster – Emma Hocking

Results Recorder – Megan Hussain & Lucky Weerakody

Fundraising Co-Ordinator – TBC

Events Co-Ordinator  – Shem Fitzgerald

Social Co-Ordinator – Emma Hocking

Meets Coordinator – Liz Watson and Shem Fitzgerald

Meets Operations Manager – Martine Cooper

Relay Selection Officer – Megan Hussain and Lucky Weerakody

Time Keeping Rosters – Lisa Beckley

Grants Co-Ordinator – TBC

Minutes Secretary – Katey O’Sullivan

Resources Management – TBC

Leadership group Liaison – Glenn Benson in consultation with John Beckworth


Nation Squad – Martine Cooper

State Squad – Katey O’Sullivan

Country Squad – Susie Mackinder

Green T’s/Blue G’s – Rebecca Stephens and Jo Razal


AGM – How to be selected to stand on the committee

The Annual General Meeting of the Geelong Swimming Club will he held no later than the 31st of May on a day and place to be fixed by the Committee.  Twelve members will constitute a quorum.  Nominations for office bearers should be delivered to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the meeting.  Only senior financial members are eligible to vote.

For any information or enquiries, please forward an email.