Should the situation arise where you have a grievance against other club members (or the committee), you would need to follow the process hereunder:

Starting the process

If you have a grievance that you think should be looked into by the club, contact the Grievance officer either in person or by telephone.  Ask the Club Secretary Martine Cooper or Club President Glenn Benson  for the telephone number.   Alternatively, you may send your grievance in writing to:

Private and Confidential
Geelong Swimming Club
P.O. Box 1275
Geelong, 3220
Victoria, Australia

What happens next

The Grievance Officer will make contact with you to discuss the issue, before conducting an investigation to find out all or circumstances.  Should the Grievance Officer decide that your grievance is not legitimate, you will be advised in writing.

However, if the Grievance Officer determines it is legitimate, then they will try to resolve the problem.  Should it be very serious, or in the event that it can’t be resolved, then the matter will be referred to the Club Committee.


If either party is not satisfied with the outcome, they can appeal to the Club Committee.  If either party is still not satisfied, or the Club Committee thinks it is necessary, the grievance can be referred to Swimming Victoria to be resolved.