Any member of the Geelong Swimming Club can be recommended to the committee for Life Membership if they have been a member for at least 10 years and their contribution has been over and beyond expectations. That is, they have been extremely active in devoting hours of their time to the running and organising of the club, beyond any position they may have held.

All applications must be received by the Club Secretary by April 1 each year, and need to be submitted to the committee for discussion for approval.

Life Members of the Geelong Swimming Club

  • Lloyd Batten
  • Eunice Beswick (D)
  • Harry Beswick
  • Norman Bond (D)
  • Patricia Bond (D)
  • Robert Bond (D)
  • Michael Carroll
  • Jack Doak (D)
  • Peter Doak
  • Ron Doak (D)
  • Pam Firth (D)
  • Robert Goodwin
  • Michael Hand
  • Amber Karutz
  • Judy Karutz
  • Bob Kelly
  • Vicki Kelly
  • Marilyn McLaren
  • Jan McNeil
  • Peter McNeil
  • Max Parker (D)
  • Fiona Skinner
  • Darren Steere
  • Edna Touzel (D)
  • Leon Touzel (D)
  • Liz Watson
  • John Beckworth