Congratulations to our Geelong Swimmers who recently competed as part of District 23 BSWSA Junior Dolphin Swim team 2019.The Competition was held in door (thank goodness) at MSAC. We had lots of swimmers swimming PBs and very good times and a few swimmers securing their Vic Countries Championship qualifying times or State Sprints times. There were 68 swimmers in the District 23 team from the various clubs in our district and hopefully next year we will be able to have even more swimmers involved.  Over all the BSWSA came 2nd!!!


The Geelong Swimming Club were represented by:

Boys coach:  Sadat Hussain

Team Managers:  Rebecca Stephens and Steve Lane


Scarlett Gilmore            Noah Stephens

Lexi Clifford                  Amber D Andrea

Ashlee Mackinder          Jacob Riches

Livinia Howard              Dax Conheady

Hannah Lane                 Imogen Stone

Tessa McCann               Sarah Provily

Sabrina Poh                  Layla McInnes

Matilda Byrnes              Hayley Mackinder

Brooke Briscoe              Elisse Howard

Sienna McInnes             Lachlan Richinni

Ned Gillick                    Jonathan Leong

Blake Dosser                 Jack McKerron

Hayley Mackinder



With 10 ten results for

Scarlet Gilmore             1st50 Fly & 50 Br 2nd50 BK

Lexi Clifford                  7th50 Bk, 9th50 BR

Jacob Riches                1st50 BR 2nd50 Fly/ 50 FS

Noah Stephens             5th50 Fly

Hannah Lane                 9th50 Fly

Sarah Provily                1st50 BR/100 BR 2nd50 BK/ 100BK

Sabrina Poh                  6th100 BR

Layla McInnes               1st50 FS 2nd100 FS 6th50 Fly

Matilda Byrnes              3rd50 Fly 2nd100 BK 2nd50 FS

Brooke Briscoe              4th50 Fly 2nd50 BK 3rd100 BK

Sienna McInnes             7th50 BR 7th100 BR

Lachlan Richinni            9th100 BK

Ned Gillick                    5th50 BK 2nd100 BK 8th100 FS

Jonathon Leong             8th50BR 7th100BR

Jack McKerron              10th50BR

Hayley Mackinder        1st 50BR, 1st 100BR, 8th 50FLY