Swim Vic Entries

Details of swim meets that have been targeted by the club will appear on Team App under the “Events” section. A targeted meet is one where the club supports our competitors by having coaches present at the meet.

To enter a meet, log in to Swim Central on the Swimming Victoria website, find the meet you want to enter under events, add your desired swims into your cart and then check out – just like online shopping!


Qualifying Times

Country, State and National qualifying times are published at the commencement of each short course and long course season by Swimming Victoria and can be reached on their website under Events > Championship Events.



When representing the Geelong Swimming Club in a race at any swim meet,club caps (Not training squad caps) should be worn for all races, Club uniform should be worn to and from the meet and at the pool. The club polo should always be worn during medal and award presentations.No towels are permitted during presentations.


JP Flynn Club Series

Geelong Swimming Club will host 7-8 club meets at various pools in the Geelong region, and target 2-3 qualifying meets in Geelong and Melbourne.Our Clubserieshas been developed by the Coaches and Committee with two main things in mind:

  • Our end of year awards which gives our swimmers an opportunity to compete against themselves, against their peers (Age Group Aggregate) and against other Victorian swimmers (Contributes to the Most Successful SwimmerAwards) and
  • Be an active supporter of our district (23) which includes other Geelong based clubs, Warrnambool, Hamilton, Colac, Terang and other Western District Clubs, so they intern can support us at our meets.