SSV & SV Changes to Technical / Performance Suit Restrictions for 11/U Swimmers

* 11/U Boys suits allowed are trunk, aqua short cuts, or classic briefs.

* 11/U Girls suits allowed are a one piece swimsuit, as in the image.

Swimming Victoria and SSV will be applying this rule at swimming events 2018

It’s vital this information is shared with all schools prior to District carnivals, to avoid issues on the day,
where children & parents are unable to address this situation.

SV & SSV Rationale: To keep young swimmers in our sport, we need to be providing an environment that encourages them, and keeps the level of competition and pressure appropriate for their age.

  1. There is no documented evidence that supports performance benefits of technical suits for athletes U11
  2. Personal best times should not be the only evaluation or measure of success for younger swimmers. Technique and skill development is essential for all long term swimmer development. It is crucial that as swimmers progress through the sport they have developed a solid foundation in technique and stroke development to enable them to achieve higher results in the latter years of their career.
  3. The cost of technical suits makes them unattainable for many families. SV does not want to add any extra financial pressure on parents with unnecessary purchases. We understand that for various reasons, cost of suits may not be an issue for all swimmers. However, in order to effectively police this change, we must restrict all suits of this style.
  4. These suits aren’t designed for young swimmers. The manufacturers design these suits for older athletes. Oneof the main benefits of wearing a technical suit is for muscle compression. Children, who are not yet developed, arenot impacted by this benefit. Swimmers cannot ‘grow into’ these suits.
  5. A common misconception amongst younger swimmers is that without a technical suit, a swimmer cannot swim fast. An age group swimmer does not need a performance suit to swim fast. Swimmers will improve and attain PBs regardless of the suit they are wearing due to gradual increase in training and skill development.
  6. The aim should be to build mentally-strong swimmers, confident in his or her own ability and training ethic rather than an athlete depending on a technical suit to get an improved result.
  7. Technical suits are required as a swimmer ages and their skills, conditioning and physique develop.