Barwon South Western District 23 includes Geelong Swimming Club, Geelong Sharks, Casterton, Colac, Cobden, Hamilton, Lara, Mortlake, Timboon, Terang and Warrnambool. 

Each club conducts a swim meet throughout the season. Most of these pools are outdoors and the carnivals are held throughout the season. All of these clubs support our carnivals so whenever possible, we recommend you support them. District swim meets are found on the Swimming Victoria website under the Calendar of Events which can be found here and on the Barwon South Western Swimming Association (BSWSA) website found here. 

Other out of district swim meets are found on the Swimming Victoria website. Details of swim meets that have been targeted by each squads coach, will appear on TeamApp under “Helpful Links”. A targeted meet is one where the club supports our competitors by having coaches present at the meet. 

To enter a meet, log into your Swim Central profile, impersonate your swimmer and click on the Events tab. Find the event you are wanting to enter and nominate each event, adding them to your trolley. For further instructions on how to enter meets click here 

Qualifying Times Country, State and National qualifying times are published at the commencement of each short course and long course season by Swimming Victoria and can be found on TeamApp under the “Helpful Links” section.