Squad Goal

To further skills and abilities with the aim of qualifying and competing at the Victorian Country Championships.

Green T’s Squad

Green T’s Squad swimmers have mastered the basics of competitive swimming and increase their competition participation, but are not yet at the Country level. This squad focuses on technique and race skills. Our Green T’s swimmers train a minimum of 3 sessions per week year-round.

Coach Contact Information

Emma Hocking                                       Zachary Hussain

Ph: 0417 881 118                                  Ph: 0400 502 129

E: emhock@msn.com                            E: zacharyhussain@gmail.com 


Green T’s swimmers are required to bring their own kick board, pull buoy, paddles, short blade fins, goggles, cap and drink bottle to every training session.

Contact and Communication

Coaches will provide continued communication regarding swimmer development and goals of your swimmer. However, if you have any general questions or concerns regarding training or competition, please contact our Team Liaison Officer (TLO); Rebecca Stephens on 0415 549 200 or bec.stephens1@gmail.com or our Junior Head Coach; Sadat Hussain on 0408 599 357 or sadat.jon.h@hotmail.com.

Squad Fees

For all information on squad fees, please refer to our fees page. If you have any further questions please contact our fees officer; Kerrie Blackford on 0408 814 711 or kerrieblackford@gmail.com.

Training Timetable

Squad summer training timetables are available under the training tab.

Nomination form and qualifying times

All Green T’s swimmers must achieve at least one set qualifying times to swim in the squad. Once this is achieved, a squad nomination form must be filled out and returned to the squad coach. These can be found on our website.