To become a member of the Geelong Swimming Club you will need to:

1. Organise a trial swim with the Head Coach. Trial swims are held every Tuesday night between 7—7:30 at Geelong Aquatic Centre. Email to organise a time.

2. Fill out a registration form available during trial swims each Tuesday night and hand back to the coach.

3. Create a Swim Central account with Swimming Victoria. Please note, create the parent/guardian profile FIRST and then add your swimmer/s as dependents in your family group. If your swimmer is under 16 yrs the parent / guardian will need to become a Dry Member. Swim Central is accessed via . Contact the club Registrar (page 4) for assistance.

4. Sign up for Direct Debit for monthly coaching fees. These forms can be found under theMembership tab.  Alternatively you can go straight to the Ezidebit website here. Please complete this form for each child you have swimming, noting your child’s name in the “YOUR REFERENCE” section and email the completed form to

Fees are deducted on the 15th of each month and include all school holidays.

Thanks to our sponsors, JP Flynn and Frank Costa, our pricing for training fees is lower than industry standard and we also offer a 15% discount to the 2nd sibling joining the club. As of July 1st 2018, all fees include GST.



We have negotiated a reduced entry fee to COGG pools, for swimmers under 18 yrs —called the Geelong Swimming Club Youth Aquatic Membership. The cost is $50 per month and a one off joining fee ot $99. Complete a Membership Application form available at Leisurelink Reception and a Direct Debit Form.


Club Expectations

All new swimmers interested in joining the Geelong Swimming Club will be assessed by the Head Coach. Our squads aim to cater for the needs of swimmers of all ages and abilities. If you are a swimmer who has achieved all you can from your Learn To Swim program but would like to continue swimming and reach for new goals, or if you are a swimmer aiming to swim at State or National events, then our club has a squad program to meet your needs. We also cater for swimmers who compete in triathlon, surf life saving and water polo.

All swimmers must be registered with Swimming Victoria and are encouraged to compete in at least two district meets per season. Swimmers are then eligible to compete in our club championships. A district meet is any swim meet conducted by a club affiliated with the Barwon South West Swimming Association.

We understand that parents and children would like to have a try out at the swimming club prior to making a financial commitment. Within our insurance liability, we are allowed to offer three trial sessions. If you decide to continue with the club, you will be required to register with Swimming Victoria before starting formal squad training. Please discuss this with your coach, TLO or committee member.

New swimmers can often feel that a one hour training session is beyond them. These feelings are normal but with dedication, commitment and perseverance, swimmers will be rewarded with a feeling of satisfaction and in time, training sessions will not appear so overwhelming. It generally takes new swimmers 8 weeks of training twice a week to feel comfortable with the level and intensity of training.

Our local pools do not accept or allow unsupervised pool access for children under 10. Parents of children under 10 are required to be present for the duration of training to assist with toileting needs.

JP Club Series: Geelong Swimming Club will host club nights once a month at various pools in the Geelong region and target 2-3 qualifying meets in Geelong and Melbourne. Our club series has been developed by the coaches and committee with two main things in mind:

Our end of year awards which gives our swimmers an opportunity to compete against themselves, against their peers (Age Group Aggregate) and against other Victorian swimmers and

Be an active supporter of our district (23) which includes other Geelong based clubs, Warrnambool, Hamilton, Colac, Terang and other Western District Clubs so they in turn can support our meets.

To enter our club meets, a link will be provided via TeamApp just prior to the event.


Behaviour Guidelines

Geelong Swimming Club follows Swimming Australia’s General Code of Conduct which can be found here.

At every level of sport, the principles of fairness, respect, responsibility and safety should be maintained. Swimming Australia promotes the following behavioural guidelines to all people involved in any way with the sport of swimming, particularly those responsible for activities involving members under the age of 18years. These behavioural guidelines highlight the principles and values of Swimming Australia and are the core principles of the Member Welfare and Child Welfare policies.

FAIRNESS – Operating within the spirit of the rules, never taking an unfair advantage and making informed and honourable decisions.

RESPECT – Recognising the contribution that people make to sport, treating them with dignity and consideration as well as caring for the property and equipment they use.

RESPONSIBILITY – Taking responsibility for one’s actions and being a positive role model at all times

SAFETY – Encourage healthy and safe procedures, preventing and reporting dangerous behaviour while demonstrating concern for others


Daily Expectations for all Swimmers

  • Greet coach at the start of each session
  • Thank coach at the end of each session
  • Arrive before the session starts
  • Complete everything for the session (dryland and swimming)
  • Get out only when the session finishes
  • As best as possible, be a positive influence in the group