Uniform is available through the club at competitive prices. Please contact Abbe Stokes for all your uniform requirements. All uniform orders can be placed via our TeamApp, orders usually take around 4-6 weeks to arrive and can be collected during training on Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

When representing the Geelong Swimming Club in a race at any swim meet, the club Competition Caps are to be worn during warm up and for all races. The Squad colored caps are for training only and are not to be used during competitions. If available, Geelong Swimming Club bathers should also be worn during warm up at competitions. Wearing the Geelong Swimming Club cap and bathers at meets, promotes club spirit and a sense of belonging. It is also easier for the coach to observe swimmers during warm up. New Competition Caps are available from your TLO’s for $10 . The Club’s official polo should be worn to and from the meet and at the pool. The Club’s polo shall always be worn during medal and award presentations. A towel should not be worn to presentations. 


Uniform Prices 

Beanies – $25

Hoodies – $65

Jacket – $80 (fully lined) $100 (soft shell)

Competition Cap – $12

Peak Cap – $15

Polo Shirt – $40

Cotton T-Shirt – $40

Tracksuit pants – $50

Shorts – $38 (ladies with lining) $35 (unisex)

Hooded Towel – $30 (XS) $60 (S,M,L) 

Boys Club Bathers – $60 (jammer) $50 (trunk)

Men Club Bathers – $70 (jammer) $55 (trunk)

Girls Club Bathers – $65 (one piece) $70 (two piece)

Ladies Club Bathers – $85 (one piece) $90 (two piece)