The Club Fees are payable by every member who is registered with Swimming Victoria as either a competitive swimmer or a dry member. Swimming Victoria member categories for 2019 – 2020 include: 

  1. Junior Competitive Swimmer (8 yrs and under) 
  2. Competitive Swimmer (9 -15yrs) 
  3. Senior Swimmer (16 yrs and over) 
  4. Dry Member (non-swimmers, coaches, life members, officials) 

Fees paid to Swimming Victoria include the Swimming Victoria registration fee AND the Geelong Swimming Club fee. Fees also include a portion which goes to Swimming Australia. 

All members must be registered with Swimming Victoria prior to taking part in squad training. Registration with Swimming Victoria provides each member with personal injury insurance – if swimmers train without being registered with Swimming Victoria they will not be covered in the event of an injury. 

Registration is payable from July 1st each year. Swimming Victoria will send a renewal link to existing members and payment can be made via Swim Central on the Swimming Victoria website. Click here to access the Swimming Victoria website or go to You will need your username and password to LOG IN to Swim Central. 

** Swimming Victoria and our by-laws require that all members under 18 yrs old have a parent or guardian registered in Swim Central, with the swimmer added as a dependent in their family group.

Click here for instructions on how to create a Swim Central account with Swimming Victoria for a new swimmer and a parent / guardian. 

Click here for instructions on how to purchase a membership package. 

Click here for instructions on how to pay for members of a family in one transaction. 

The Club’s fees alone do not cover all ongoing costs associated with running the club. The clubs fees are heavily subsidized by our sponsors (approximately 15%) and we are extremely grateful to have them onboard. 

To reduce our fees even further the club holds several fundraisers and swimming events during the year and if parents can volunteer or participate in those fundraisers it will help reduce our fees even further. 

Fees are paid mid month, with 2 weeks in arrears and 2 weeks in advance. The club operates 46 weeks of the year with fees averaged over a 12 month period with school holiday training included.