Read emails and regularly check TeamApp to keep up to date.

Allow swimmers to take responsibility for their swimming. It will build their self esteem and be one less job for parents. Very young swimmers may need more parent support but you will be amazed at how much some very young swimmers can achieve if allowed.

Swimmers should always come to training and competitions on time. Have everything they need in their bags including a drink bottle. If a child is coming straight from school to training, they will need an extra ‘after school’ snack in their bags, plus an extra ‘after training’ snack for the drive home.

Parents are always welcome to watch training from the sidelines, but ‘coaching’ your child during a session is NOT allowed. This disrupts the group and does not allow your child and others in the group to concentrate on improving their swimming.

Always support coaches and officials in front of your child. If you have any issues to discuss that swimmers should not hear, please make an appointment to see the coach privately. If necessary, issues can be raised with the President or club committee.

Always encourage your swimmers. Coaches need to give constructive criticism and referees sometimes need to deliver bad news so you need to let your swimmer know you think they are fantastic!

Familiarise yourself with the entry procedure and requirements for swim meets. Ensure you get your swimmers entries in—with the correct entry fees by the closing date.

Know where to look up your child’s best times. Better still, have them keep a record of their PB’s for each event at home. Remember short course times and long course times should be recorded separately as they are different.

Swimmers sit as a group (team) at meets near the coach so that they can support each other. Parents are most welcome to sit with the team but allow your child to experience being part of a ‘team’ by being with the group. If you are working, or sitting elsewhere, swimmers can come to see you after each race once they have been to see their coach.

Swimmers must see the coach immediately before and after they swim for last minute instructions and feedback on their performance.

All parents are asked to assist with time keeping at our meets and at other meets where we are assigned lanes.

Consider doing an “officials” course. Officials workshops are free and can now be found online.

Assist with jobs at meets. At home, we need help to set up the pool before the meet and pack up afterwards—your help will be very welcome. We all want meets to be a successful day for the swimmers. Your children like to see you helping and being part of the club—it makes them believe their swimming is important to you. The benefits of this are huge!

Assist with other club activities such as social events, meetings and fundraising

Pay your annual registration fees on time at the start of July for the upcoming year. This ensures your child is covered by insurance should an injury occur.