Another great weekend of swimming for the Geelong Swimming Club team of 17 swimmers.
Our multi class swimmers were up against the Australian Para team so they had a very challenging meet. Despite the high standard of competition over 30PB’s season’s best times were swum.

Eleven final swims resulted in:
Silver medal for Jamie Ifka in the 50 FLY and
Bronze medal for Laszalo Fabriczius in the 200FLY.

Other finalists included:
Dylan Logan 50FLY for 6th
Laszalo Fabriczius 200IM (B)
Jamie Ifka 100FLY for 8th , 100FS (B)
Madison Cooper 1500FS for 4th & AustOpen QT,
Now second ranked Australian 14 year old.
200BKS (B) her third 200BKS for the day after a heat and a swim off,
400FS (B), 200FS (B)
Zach Hussain 50BKS (B), 50FLY(A)

Season Best times were swum by:
Nicole Briscoe 400IM, 100FLY (a BSW record)
Madison Cooper 200FS, 400FS, 800Fs,
1500FS (by 22 sec)
Brad Doolan 100FS
Lachie Dosser 50FS, 50 BRS, 100FS, 200FS
Zach Hussain 50FLY, 100BKS
Jamie Ifka 50FLY, 100FLY
Zoe Jennings 400FS, almost a 1500FS best in a
heat by herself
Laszalo Fabriczius 200FLY, 200IM, 100FLYx2
Dylan Logan 50 BRS, 50 FLYx2
Luka Mathe 100 BRS
Ryan McGrane 100FS, 200FS, 400FS, 50BKS, 100BKS
Ally Platt 50 BKS
Cam Reid 50FS, 100FS, 50FLY, 50 BRS
Phoebe Mitchell 50 BKS (almost a PB!)

Thanks Sadat for your coaching of the multi class swimmers and Team Manager, Martine Cooper for her assistance.

Please let me know if there are any errors or omissions.

Head Coach
John Beckworth