Age Competitive squad is a performance based squad where swimmers are fully committed to training and competing at a State and National level. Training 6-8 sessions per week, depending on age and level. Camps and targeted competitions are part of this commitment.


HEAD COACH:- Sam Ashby


MOBILE:- 0412 007 226



MOBILE:- 0403 369 299


Age Competitive Squad will have quarterly meetings (at the end of the term or during school holidays). These meetings are for the swimmers, parents and coaches to get together and discuss the up coming term and answer any questions. Email will be the primary mode of communication with Team App being our resource for documents and references.

If you have questions regarding swimming please refer to the communication flow.


For squad training timetables, please click here.

Punctuality – Please note the doors to the Library will close at 05:30am. If you do no attend drylands you will not be swimming.

Dryland – Prior to our swim sessions we will be activating both our mind and body. Breathing techniques will be used to help focus the mind, while a physical activation will warm up the bodies before the swim session. The morning drylands sessions will be run in the multipurpose room of the library.

Swim – Our swim sessions will be based around technique, efficiency and race specificity.

Equipment – Fins – DMC/Arena. Paddles – Engine. Kick board & pull buoy – swimmers preference. Snorkel – Arena swim snorkel pro II

Individual Meetings

Prior to each season starting you will have the opportunity to meet with your coach and discuss personal aspirations, timetables, school commitments and the like. You will receive an email shortly with a questionnaire to be filled out and bought along to this meeting. The meetings will take place on ANZAC day from 9 am – 5 pm.

Duty Of Care

Please note swimmers can not leave the session early unless coaches have written confirmation or have spoken to a parent prior. Swimmers are high performing athletes, whose training regime pushes the body to its limit. As a party of our duty of care we will ask athletes to partake in the following;

  • Seasonal Physio Screenings – to asses the structure and function of the body to keep it free of injury.
  • Seasonal Blood Tests – to make sure the body is healthy and able to train at its best. We ask the swimmer see’s their GP at the start of the season to test Iron levels (etc) in case of medical symptoms relating to fatigue.
  • Training Diaries – We will encourage swimmers to keep a training diary to track how they are feeling, the type of session they did and what their thoughts are. More to be explained in the individual/squad meeting.