Development Squad is focused on swimmers aged 8 – 12 years. The squad is designed to encourage and develop knowledge and skills in order to swim competitively. 4 sessions per week is our recommendation. Swimmers are invited and encouraged to attend camps.


COACH:- Rob Steinman



Development Squad will have quarterly meetings (at the start of the term). These meetings are for the swimmer, parents and coaches to get together and discuss the up coming term and answer any questions.

Email will be the primary mode of communication with Team App being our resource for documents and references.

If you have questions regarding swimming please refer to the communication flow chart.


For squad training timetables, please click here.

Punctuality – Please arrive before starting time so as swimmers are ready for the start of our drylands activities.

Dryland – Prior to our swim sessions we will be activating both our mind and body. Breathing techniques will be used to help focus the mind, while a physical activation will warm up the bodies before the swim session.

Swim – Our swim sessions will be based around technique, and learning to swim fast.

Equipment – Fins – DMC/Arena. Kick board & pull buoy – swimmers preference.